Private Rental Market in Tasmania

There were approximately 39,000 occupied private rentals in 2016 (ABS Census and RoGS, 2017).  This represents around 72% of all Tasmanian rentals and around 20% of all occupied dwellings in Tasmania.

In 2011, 48% of Tasmanian private rentals were managed by agents and 52% were managed by the landlord themselves.  By contrast in 2016, around 66% of Australian private rentals were managed by agents (ABS Census).

The June 2022 issue of Tasmanian Rents, published by the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania, shows that median rents continue to rise across Tasmania.

Anglicare’s 2022 Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that low income households have very few choices for appropriate and affordable rentals in the private market, and that the situation is worsening.

The Rental Affordability Index, which measures median rent in the current market as percentage of median rental household income, shows Greater Hobart as the least affordable capital city and the rest of the State also the least affordable in the country.

For help and advice with tenancy issues, please contact the Tenants’ Union of Tasmania, and for housing assistance including help with rental bonds, contact Housing Connect on 1800 800 588.