State Election 2024

Housing is the number one cost of living issue for Tasmania.

When the next Tasmanian Government is elected in March 2024, its most important challenge will be solving the housing crisis for all Tasmanians – especially renters, those on low incomes, and the increasing number of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Shelter Tas has written an open letter to candidates, providing more information and calling on them to support our election priorities.

Shelter Tas Key Election Priorities

Shelter Tas, as the peak body for housing and homelessness in Tasmania, calls on all parties and candidates to commit to building Tasmania’s future through the following:

  1. Taking a strong stance on reversing Tasmania’s housing crisis by committing to affordable and social homes in all areas of the State, by:
  • Making a long-term commitment to increase the supply of community and public rental housing to at least 10% of all dwellings to meet the level of need;
  • Increasing the investment in social/community housing, as the State Government’s original commitment of $1.5B for 10,000 homes (announced 2 years ago) is inadequate to meet the supply targets in current market conditions;
  • Urgently reversing the drift of homes to short-stay accommodation; and
  • Immediately creating incentives to bring vacant homes back into the rental market.
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2. Increasing funding for homelessness services by 20%. These services are on the front line of the housing crisis, facing increased pressures and high levels of demand. This essential funding will enable services to help more families move out of cars, tents, and hotels and into safe and secure permanent housing. This funding will match the recent 2024 commitments by the Western Australia and Queensland State Governments.

3. Ensuring renters have access to safe, affordable, and secure homes with rights and protections that reflect renting as a long-term tenure. This includes setting a timeline to strengthen, reform and modernise the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 to improve conditions in Tasmania’s rental market.

4. Meeting the housing needs of women and children, and young people, who are currently spending the longest time waiting for support and social housing. These groups currently experience the highest risk of the lifelong consequences of homelessness, violence, trauma and housing insecurity.

5. Strengthening the housing and homelessness sector by delivering sustainable core funding for Shelter Tas, to a level that is adequate for our work and is comparable to other similar peaks.

Shelter Tas also joins other community sector peak organisations to support the wider call for adequate indexation across the community sector. The current base of 2.25% is inadequate to close the increasing gap between funding received and the rising costs of properly delivering community services.

Election Responses and Housing Policies

The major parties have either provided a comprehensive response to our open letter, or released detailed housing election commitments. They are listed below:

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Read our election priorities factsheet and the full open letter to candidates via these links.

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