Mental Health: A Trauma Informed Approach

Shelter Tasmania is pleased to announce the next training session in our Workforce Development Program; Mental Health: A Trauma-Informed approach

About the training:

This full day session will explore a range of complex mental health presentations such as co-morbidity, suicidality and self-harm, aggressive behaviours and psychosis, and look at how a trauma-informed approach can assist us to make sense of a person’s experience and behaviours by drawing on some of the relevant theories.

The workshop will focus on the experience of the worker as well, and some of the unique challenges inherent in working with mental health. This includes the concepts of containment, de-escalation and “holding the risk”, as well as the impact of working with a wide range of complex presentations, high caseloads and often very little information. The health, wellbeing and safety (emotional and physical) of workers are an important part of the conversation, and integral to sustaining ourselves in doing this work.

Participants will also have the opportunity to get specific, and discuss trauma-based behaviours associated with different mental health presentations and how we respond to these. The workshop will combine theory, personal reflection and group activities and aims to deliver a fun and engaging approach to a complex topic.

Suitable For:

  • Housing & homelessness professionals
  • Front line staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Program Coordinators
  • Program Managers
  • Managers

About the trainer:

Carly Cameron has worked for twenty years as a psychologist in Australia and the UK in community-based settings, secure psychiatric services, child protection, foster and kinship care and in private practice providing consultation to individuals and agencies regarding trauma-informed practice.

Carly has a passion for delivering high quality evidence-based training and workshops, and has extensive experience working in, and managing teams that work with traumatised children, young people and adults.

Carly has delivered several training sessions with Shelter Tasmania in the past, including Trauma Informed Practice and De-stigmatising Borderline Personality Disorder.

Comments from previous Shelter Tas training delivered by Carly:

  • “Really appreciated the passion and deep knowledge of the trainer. Also thought the topic was excellent for workers in the homelessness space”
  • “Clear and precise communication by trainer. Excellent skills learned to assist clients”
  • “The presenter was fantastic – very accessible, but clearly knowledgeable and prepared. Could not fault this training”


Devonport – Friday 18th October 2019
Hobart – Monday 21st October 2019

Cost and Available Places:

Places are subsidised and exclusively available for employees of eligible Shelter Tas member organisations: Specialist Homelessness Services or Community Housing Providers. In the past, places have only been open to SHS workers, however availability has been expanded to CHP workers at a lower subsidy, as agreed by sector representatives on the WDP Reference Group. Please contact for further information.

Total numbers at each session will be strictly capped in order to ensure quality of service and will initially be limited to 2 per organisation/program. Registrations over this limit may be cancelled.

If there are still places available by the 1st of October, the limit of 2 per organisation/program will be lifted.

Registrations close Friday 11th October.


If you are interested in registering for this members-only training, please email Shelter Tas