Letter to the Editor – June 15th 2016 (The Mercury)


Letter to the Editor – June 15th 2016

Shelter Tas is concerned at recent comments by Terry Ryder that Hobart is affordable and his suggestion that “people just had to be prepared to make sacrifices.” (Taxes blamed for house price crisis, June 10th).

While housing in Tasmania is cheaper than on the mainland, incomes are also lower, making our housing unaffordable to many. We should be concerned with findings of the Rental Affordability Index (RAI) that Hobart is the second least affordable city in Australia after Sydney.

The private rental market is unaffordable to over 8,000 Tasmanians. Many people are making daily sacrifices to secure housing they can afford.  The RAI shows that in Tasmania the lowest 40% income earners are paying up to 60% of their income on rents.  This is well beyond affordable. Families sacrifice meals, health care, education and other essential items to keep a roof over their heads. Many don’t succeed. Lack of affordable housing is a major cause of homelessness, with over 1,500 Tasmanians homeless.

Shelter applauds the State Government’s recent budget commitment to implement Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy. Along with our national partners, Shelter Tas calls for a stronger national housing strategy.  We invite readers to support our VoteHome election campaign.


Pattie Chugg
Executive Officer
Shelter Tas
PO Box 848
P 6224 5488