Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2016-2019 – City of Hobart

This Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2016 – 2019 provides the City of Hobart with a framework for the organisation to make informed and strategically beneficial decisions in relation to housing and homelessness. This framework operates as a reference for identifying strategic opportunities and planning organisational activities to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people of Hobart.

It clearly outlines the Council’s role and priority areas of activity in housing and homelessness, within a social inclusion framework. These include:
• Planning
• Park and civic space management
• City activation and connection
• Community Development
• Strategic partnerships

A range of actions that the City of Hobart will pursue within the identified priority areas of activity in the Hobart municipal area including response to homelessness will be identified and included in the City of Hobart’s Social Inclusion Strategy Action Plan that is reviewed and updated annually.
Access to appropriate and affordable housing supports social inclusion by valuing citizens and providing the basis for their participation in education, employment and civic affairs. All citizens should have access to appropriate and affordable housing with people who are homeless also being recognised as residents of the City. The Council will work in collaboration with others to address housing
affordability and homelessness issues and promote socially mixed communities and housing diversity.

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