Emergency Boarding for Pets


RSPCA have a ‘Safe Beds’ program for emergency boarding of pets for families leaving domestic violence. The safe beds program is not a long-term solution to the housing of the pet, but it gives people fleeing domestic violence situations peace of mind and allows them to secure their own safety and make arrangements for the future.

In most cases, these animals are referred through to the RSPCA from a domestic violence counselling service. For more information email rspca@rspcatas.org.au, contact RSPCA through the website www.rspcatas.org.au/contact/ or phone (03) 6709 8100.


Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania

Only available at the Hobart premises.  They can provide boarding for $5 a night, maximum of two weeks.  Vaccinated dogs are preferred (10 day incubation period).

P: 6243 5177