Dept. of Communities Quarterly Housing Report

The Department of Communities have released the latest Quarterly Housing Report, which details the progress made against Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2019.
So far, 977 new households have been assisted to access safe and affordable housing including:

  • 288 households have been assisted into affordable home ownership
  • 151 through HomeShare
  • 137 through Streets Ahead
  • 194 affordable land lots have been released
  • 199 new social housing dwellings have been constructed
  • 176 new public and community housing dwellings
  • 23 units of disability accommodation
  • 186 households have been assisted into affordable private rentals
  • 140 households assisted in escaping family violence
  • 6 households assisted after exiting care and rehabilitation facilities
  • 40 households assisted through private rental incentives
  • 110 new units of homeless accommodation have been provided
  • 39 units of crisis and transitional accommodation
  • 71 units of youth supported accommodation.

These initiatives supplied 555 new lots of land and new affordable homes to Tasmanians in housing need and the Department are expecting several projects to provide new supply and access to safe and affordable housing next quarter. Click here to read the full report.