Cumulative Impacts on Well Being: Working with Complexity (Workshop 1)

June 2019: Cumulative Impacts on Well Being: Working with Complexity (Workshop 1) was the first in a series of innovative and dynamic workshops co-designed by the sector to equip Tasmania’s housing and homelessness professionals with contemporary knowledge and practices when working with complexity. The course aimed to increase knowledge and skills about the challenges that professionals face when working in complex situations and what the cumulative impacts of stress, fatigue and burnout are. Including:

  • The importance of understanding brain functionality
  • Understanding the theory and principles of complexity
  • Explore what stops people changing
  • How to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience
  • How beliefs and values influence coping strategies
  • How to work with resistance and reluctance
  • Understand the barriers to change
  • How to use Motivational Interviewing as a useful tool in working with complexity
  • Understand how to combat the long-term impacts of stress, fatigue and burnout
  • Explore the importance of vicarious resilience
  • How to develop a framework for vicarious resilience

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Workshop 1 required no pre-requisites however, for Workshops 2 &3 – preference will be given to those who have attended previous workshops in the series. Those who have not attended previous training in the series will need to participate in the bridging webinar before attending workshops 2&3. Relevant prior experience and training may also be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability.