Consumer Engagement Forum

The Consumer Engagement Forum, held on the 11th July 2017 at Salamanca Inn in Hobart, as a follow-up from the Tasmanian Housing and Homelessness Workforce Symposium, held in 2016. The Forum was designed to provide an opportunity for review of the ‘how-to’ guides, as well as further training in consumer participation for attendees. The forum was facilitated by Michelle Swallow of Leadership and Change Consultants, and guest speakers from the Peer Education Support Program (PESP, through the Council to Homeless Persons in Victoria) returned by popular demand. Their presentation was a follow-up on their previous one at the Symposium, and discussed next steps for consumers into housing, and how to make that progression a successful one. Michelle led a ‘Community Café’ groupwork session, to address the review process of the ‘how-to’ guides and gathered feedback from attendees.

Of the total 44 participants, 34 evaluation forms were received. 100% of respondents rated the Forum as good – excellent.

Read the full Evaluation Report here.